Band Requirements

These requirements (or ‘rider’) form an integral part of all contracts. Any non-fulfilment of these requirements may be considered breach of contract unless previously agreed otherwise. If there are any problems with any of the terms below please contact us to discuss. It is possible that we can arrange alternative options in some cases if required.


A minimum of 3 (three) separate 13A sockets (not one socket with an extension lead) on the same phase. This supply must be able to cope with up to 8KW of power usage.

Performance Area

A safe performance area is required with a MINIMUM depth of 12 feet and a MINIMUM width of 16 feet for the 5-piece band. Larger bands may require more space. The band may be able to perform without raised staging if necessary but this needs to be mutually agreed before the booking is confirmed.


Our musicians will need to park as close to the performance area as possible in order to unload equipment. Close access to the stage for unloading will make load in time much quicker. If the band has to carry equipment for a significant distance in order to access the stage area then this will significantly increase load in time required. Since our musicians are based in different locations it should be assumed that each member of the band may require a parking space. In practice however, some musicians will share transport.

Back Stage

A lockable and heated room is required for sole use of the band. This will be to change in, eat any food provided, leave bags/cases and leave valuable belongings whilst performing. This room should also have a table and enough chairs for the whole band plus sound engineer. Our insurance will not cover theft from an unlocked room.


Due to the amount of time spent travelling, setting up and performing, a hot meal is required for each band member (plus possibly 1 sound engineer in some cases). Sandwiches are not an option as at least one of the band has an intolerance to gluten, and sandwiches would also not constitute a meal. There may also be at least one vegetarian, depending on line-up chosen. Food should ideally be provided before the performance, but can be provided during an interval if 45 minutes or more is allocated. Soft drinks and water should also be made available throughout the evening at no cost to the band. If providing food at the event will prove to be expensive or problematic, then a food surcharge can be added to the fee for the band to source their own food from a local provider (please ask for surcharge details if you wish to choose this option). An evening buffet will suffice if the amount of food available to the band is equivalent to a full meal rather than simply a snack. For performances much shorter than the standard package, with a location local to the band, food may not be required.


For full set up of PA system, lighting and band equipment, 90 minutes is required in order to set up and perform a sound check. This time may increase if the loading access is not adequate. If PA system and lighting is provided at the event then the musicians will only require 45 minutes in which to set up the remaining equipment and perform a sound check. Time should also be allowed for the band to eat their meal prior to the performance if possible, otherwise a minimum of 45 minutes should be allocated during the first interval. A minimum of 30 minutes break is also needed between each set.


It is the responsibility of the engager to provide appropriate supervision of their guests. The engager agrees to make sure that no unauthorised person will touch any of the band’s instruments, sound or lighting equipment at any time before, during or after the perforamance. Should any of the band’s instruments or equipment be damaged by a guest at the event the bill for repair will be the responsibility of the engager. This applies even if the engager is not present at the time of damage. In those cases where the band has agreed for the engager to use a microphone for announcements or speeches, the engager will take full responsibility for any damage caused to this equipment during that period.

Venue Constraints

Please check with your venue to make sure there are no sound/decibel meters present. This may hinder the performance from the band, and depending on the type of sound meter present can also cause damage to equipment. It is possible that we will not be able to accept a booking where sound meters are monitoring the volume of the performance. Some venues also have constraints on the use of amplified equipment in certain areas, so please check with your venue before confirming your booking. Please also ensure that your venue has the appropriate licence for a live musical performance of this type. If problems arise with the venue that cannot be resolved, and a performance from the band is then deemed impossible, the standard cancellation procedures will need to be followed if a booking has already been confirmed. If in doubt, please ask.

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